Climate change can no longer be avoided. But will we succeed in controlling it within acceptable limits? Would you like to try? Use your skills, together with up to three other players, to make good use of the Winds of Change and prevent them from developing into a devastating storm.

With grey cities, you can earn a high income, but you create global warming by using fossil fuels. In the long term, this destroys your welfare. Sooner or later, you must replace grey cities by climate-friendly green cities. These are free of emissions, creating income and welfare that is sustainable. But you are faced with difficult choices. If you switch too early from grey to green cities, you may not be able to compete successfully against your more conservative competitors.

On the other hand, if you wait too long, the global warming could run out of control, reaching the critical temperature level at which the game is lost for everybody. Should you buy emission chips and build grey cities, or should you invest heavily in know-how and build green cities? And how will you survive the disasters that may strike you at any time? Save for the rainy day, or buy insurance, and if so, how much?

Face the challenges!
Use the Winds of Change wisely and together with your co-players you will save our earth!

Inhalt des Spiels:

Board: The World
landscapes on which cities are built
40 grey cities
40 green cities
50 grey emission chips
30 green know-how chips
15 red marker chips
43 event cards
12 insurance policies
80 money chips
rule tables
game rules

Published by Munich Re Group / European Climate Forum
Game designed by: Armin Haas, Klaus Hasselmann, Carlo Jaeger
Graphics by: Kristina Balkanska, Britta Grabowsky, Nathalie Kupfermann

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